Monday, June 19, 2006

Saudi Arabia win the world cup !!!!!!!

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After a nail-biting sudden-death penalty shootout in the final! Saudi Arabia spring a ginat killing in the 7G3 world cup!! Manager Israr Khan said it was "a great day for Saudi football", Croatia manager Bradley Barton was too gutted to comment.

However, in the 7W2 world cup it was a different story with Croatia beating a spirited England side in the final. Croatia manager Ciaron Gibson was delighted with the "hard work" of his players. England manager Jashan Benawra was gracious in defeat admitting "the best team won"

In the 8W2 world cup, shock finalists Ecuador were beaten by a strong performance by the Czech Republic after some good tactical decisions by Manvir Soor. Ecuador manager Connor Stalbow still maintains the "last 3 Czech goals were clearly offside, and the first one was a foul"


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