Saturday, May 05, 2007

C2 revision notes

(this is currently C2 for OCR, I will update it shortly to cover C2 for Edexcel)

My Marvelous C2 in a page. The colour version will be up shortly
My tip of the day is,: get it laminated and use it as a mouse mat, so when your on msn you can learn C2 at the same time! :- )

More stuff on C2 will appear here soon

These topics are just in the order I've thought of them really

Please note, these are revisiony notes, so are meant to refresh your memory not teach you it from scratch :-)

If you have found this useful, please let me know :-)

(click thumnails to enlarge)


Binomial Expansions

Polynomials&Factor Theorem

Trigonometric Identities&Solving Trig Eqtns

Radians and Sectors
Arithmetic Sequences/Series

Geometric Sequences/Series

The Trapezium Rule

Triangles and the Sine&Cosine Rules

if you need any more help on this or another module you can send me a t'email here

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